Tuesday, May 1, 2012


Springtime in Texas is glorious!  A few weeks ago, I set out to take a few pictures of Cooper in the bluebonnets.  Like most things, he was a little timid at first.  I guess it IS kind of weird when Mom plops you down in a field of flowers... But it wasn't too long before our little wild at heart boy came alive just being outside!
I ADORE this picture of my boy!  I love his wild hair and that sweet expression on his face!
And I love that you can see some strawberry peeking through in his hair here.  He gets that from his Daddy!
This is his face when we ask him to "Tebow."  Love that.
What a happy Spring!

Thursday, April 26, 2012

Catch Up Post #3 (Spring!)

I did a terrible job of documenting the biggest thing we did this year: sell our house, move into an apartment by Baylor, and start the process of building a new home right across the street from some of our best friends!  This seriously is such a dream come true- and a gift from God that I will be praising Him for forever!  So between all of the packing, unpacking, and settling in, I completely forgot about documenting anything!  Thankfully, I did manage to get a picture of this cutie's little pink tooshie when we put together a Valentine's Day present for Daddy!
I love you from the "bottom" of my heart!
Mr. Coops took his first trip to the driving range.  
He had a lot of fun roaming around while Todd and I took turns hitting balls.
We still might need to work on some golf etiquette though!  He was pretty loud and excitable!
He loved dumping out the bucket and putting the balls back in.  He has such a methodical personality!
A few weekends ago Meg and I did a 5K up in Ardmore while Todd did a Half Marathon.
Let's be honest, I jog/walked.
It wasn't Todd's greatest run ever, to say the least, but I was way more impressed with the fact that he FINISHED a hot, crampy, unexpectedly difficult run than if he had the race of his life.
So Go, Todd, Go!!!  We are proud of you!
We celebrated Easter.  Bummer that there's nothing Jesus-y in Cooper's Easter basket, but I guess it's okay.  Jesus still delights in Cooper bouncing his ball and eating animal crackers.
Mama should have thought ahead and put on other jammies besides his Christmas pjs.
We hunted Easter eggs at The Gibson's house.
I love this kid!  Thanks Susu and Pops for Cooper's Easter outfit!
Sweetest group of friends!
I'm so thankful for these amazing friends!

Tuesday, April 24, 2012

Catch Up Post #2 (Christmas)

We had a great Christmas this year, and thoroughly tried to really savor our last Christmas in our house on La Porte.  I remember our holiday "decorating" last year for Christmas pretty much consisted of me sitting in a chair and watching Todd dress up the Christmas tree while I fed our then 4 week old Cooper.  I can't believe how much can change in a year!  Little man was a HUGE help this year!
 Of course he wanted to sip on hot chocolate with Mommy & Daddy while we decorated!
 I love this picture of my boy!  Such joy!  I always wonder what must be going on in that little mind!
 Christmas on 5th Street with friends
There was a little petting zoo set up for the kids!  So fun!  Next year we will get there way early though because it was so crowded!
 I love his little George Washington curls.
 He actually did pretty good with the Christmas tree, only pulling off a few ornaments!
 But of course, he'd eat them as soon as he got them off.
 We did Christmas with my mom, Buddy, and Megan the weekend before Christmas!
Todd worked for about 4 hours trying to put together Coop's Little Tikes car.  It was so worth it though, because Cooper is obsessed with it!
 This next picture cracks me up.  Sweet Ellie and Blake.  Poor awkward Cooper, kind of looking like Cousin Eddie from the Griswolds.
 Of course the boys had to match their pjs and slippers!
(Of course) Ellie wanted to act out the Christmas story, so she directed everyone.  I love her little creative mind! I think Susu is Joseph and Stephen in a donkey?
Mary and the Three Wise Men.
The week after Memphis, we went to Houston to do Christmas with my dad, but I left my camera in Waco, so no pics.  Boo boo boo. 

I think I have one- maybe two- more posts to do and then we are back on track!  Yahoo!!